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Flourishing is much more than just having money. I want to flourish in all walks of life. Sure, sometimes life seems daunting and hard, but God will always see you through it. I don't know any test and any trial that God has not brought me through. When you face opposition, keep your head held high because Jesus will see you through. Your perception of life will determine how you go through. You can either leap for joy or you can let depression beat you down. Don’t let the issues of life stop you from achieving Gods best. The Lord has a plan for your life. Let me tell you something! There is no one greater than you. You are a trendsetter. You are a champion. You are blessed and highly favored. How do you flourish? Well, you have to change your mindset. Think about things that are a blessing . Focus on the positive rather than the negative and you will flourish! This is one of many blog posts to come. God bless you. Chad Robertson

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